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Hello there! I'm Macarena

A journalist and a communicator living in Edinburgh. I am a specialist in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication, passionate about helping people to find brands that they will love. Born in Madrid and at present looking for new challenges in the United Kingdom. 

Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication specialist

Digital Marketing

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing with Distinction, certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics.

Corporate Communication

MSc in Corporate Communication and two years of working experience.

Journalism and Audiovisual Communication

Dual High 2.1: Class Bachelor (Honours) Degree obtaining a Distinction with Honours on the Journalism Final Thesis.

Last Posts

Google’s new algorithm: all you need to know

At the end of May, Google revealed a pretty big change regarding SEO: an algorithm update which is mainly focused on user experience. According to Google, the upcoming ranking change incorporates new page experience metrics announced as ‘Core Web Vitals’. In other words, pages with user experience criteria such as speed or responsiveness will rank… Read More »Google’s new algorithm: all you need to know

Best practices on Email Marketing

Email Marketing According to Hubspot, email marketing “is the practice of sending various types of content to a list of subscribers via email” (Kolowich, 2019). Moreover, email marketing is a powerful tool to gain loyalty customers and enhance your brand credibility. Across this channel, marketers usually target potential buyers who already know your brand or… Read More »Best practices on Email Marketing

Benefits of Social Media Advertisement

Statistics Social media networks are essential in our daily life, being the most popular channel to communicate with each other at present. In 2014, an academic study suggested that “even if social media tools have increased in popularity, they are still not sufficient to ensure the visibility required by a strong branding campaign” (Platon, 2014).… Read More »Benefits of Social Media Advertisement