Benefits of Social Media Advertisement


Social media networks are essential in our daily life, being the most popular channel to communicate with each other at present. In 2014, an academic study suggested that “even if social media tools have increased in popularity, they are still not sufficient to ensure the visibility required by a strong branding campaign” (Platon, 2014). According to this author, social media worked as a support tool rather than working as the primary strategy. Nowadays, this idea has completely changed and there are several brand campaigns which assign an important part of its resources to social media campaigns.

First of all, data speaks for itself and most of the internet users are also active on social media. Accordingly, “more than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at the start of 2020 and active social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark” (Chaffey, 2020).

As a result, social media offers an easy way to target your audience, especially Millennials and Gen X. As an illustration, “90.4% of Millennials, 77.5% of Generation X, and 48.2% of Baby Boomers are active US social media users” (eMarketer, 2019).

To add more interesting data, “consumers are spending up to 3 hours on social media platforms per day, and even longer looking at their mobile screens” (Gilsenan, 2019).


For all those reasons, social media networks are powerful channels that shouldn’t be underestimated. Moreover, social media advertising is very cost-effective and choosing the right platform and the right target can generate a high return of investment (ROI). In this sense, social media offers “a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population” (Newberry, 2018). Among the benefits of using social media are:

  • Increase brand awareness and humanize your brand, “the ability to create real human connection is one of the key benefits of social media for business” (Newberry, 2018).
  • Increase website traffic as “social media is intended to reach different audiences in a personable, useful, and entertaining way” (Hollingsworth, 2019). In addition, it is an interesting channel to retarget your audience.
  • A way to promote your product and boost your sales. 
  • Social media campaigns can increase brand loyalty as brands can naturally engage with its audience.

This is why social media should be considered in a digital marketing campaign. There are several examples of brands who have performed a successful social media campaign. For example, Nike promoted a product launch livestreaming on Facebook and Twitter a marathon run by Eliud Kipchoge under two hours (Davis, 2018) which was a complete success.

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