A brief summary

I earned my dual degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, I’ve always been enthusiastic about writing and about audiovisual arts such as video, photography and cinematography. Later on, I decided to specialize in Corporate Communication, loving the challenge to adapt these channels and create stories working with a brand.

My MSc and my  previous work also covered a few digital communication and marketing practices and  at that moment, I discovered my passion for this field. So here I am, living in Edinburgh where I’ve just completed a Digital Marketing postgraduate program with Distinction.

Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

British Academy of Digital Marketing

Sept. 2019 – Aug. 2020

Completing this course -with Distinction– enable me to lead high-performing digital marketing campaigns by honing my skills to plan, implement and optimise integrated strategies that are customised for your audiences.

Project examples

Online advertisement

Conduct a keyword research, set up an AdWords Express Campaign and test your online advertising knowledge.

Content marketing

Prepare a presentation showing content marketing examples that could be used for a travel related website.

Inbound Marketing

Review the inbound marketing methods used by organisations and prepare a report and an inbound marketing checklist.

MSc in Corporate and Institutional Communication

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M)

Sept. 2017 – June 2018

‘Formation of Communicators capable of organizing, directing and leading the business and institutional communication processes’. I have been trained as a professional for competitive and dynamic environments, with a global and strategic vision.

Outstanding grades in:

Political Communication and Institutional Relations and Public Affairs

Dual Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication

Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid)

Sept. 2012 – Jun. 2017

Dual High 2.1: Class Bachelor (Honours) Degree.

Multidisciplinary Knowledge: improving writing skills using journalism genres. Knowledge in audio-visual theory, production and technologies. Video-editing, photography and graphic design skills. Audio-visual direction, film and television industry. Control over research methods and audience.

Academic achievements


Distinction with honour on my Journalism final thesis: research project ‘E-sports as a media phenomenon: The case of League of Legends’.

Outstanding grades in

Audio-visual Creation Process; Information Theory; Audio-visual Technology: camera and sound; Documentation; Structure of media markets; Methods of Social Research in Communication; Audience Research