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Google’s new algorithm: all you need to know

At the end of May, Google revealed a pretty big change regarding SEO: an algorithm update which is mainly focused on user experience. According to Google, the upcoming ranking change incorporates new page experience metrics announced as ‘Core Web Vitals’. In other words, pages with user experience criteria such as speed or responsiveness will rank better. Good news: it will happen in 2021 so any marketer should have plenty of time to be prepared for this major update.  So, how will this affect you? First, let’s do a brief summary about Google Algorithms. Background Google Algorithms aim to find the most relevant web pages for a particular search. Following this, Google will position your page as a useful source according to certain factors that it considers to measure the relevance of your site. Since the Panda algorithm, SEO has been deeply connected to high-quality in-depth content which solves a specific problem and builds links in a natural and organic way. However, in 2013 Google announced Hummingbird: a new algorithm which includes 200 ranking factors to determine the quality score of a site. Yes, two hundred.  In that moment, a keyword search was not just a keyword but a keyword intent. In short, the user´s purpose for that search was the most important thing to consider during the search process. Conversational keywords became more popular but engaging content was still the key of Search Engine Optimization. In fact and after a few other updates (such as Pigeon or Fred), high quality content is still one of the most relevant ranking factors that any marketer should consider. In this sense, building links, researching the most popular keywords or selecting the right meta… Read More »Google’s new algorithm: all you need to know